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How to plant and care for plants in pots Orchid

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Orchid has many types, such as orchids month which is one type of orchid is very well known and much liked by the Indonesian population teutama women. Was no doubt about this flower is very suitable to be used as an ornamental plant because of its beauty and is well suited to the climate in Indonesia, both suitable display in the home or outside the home.

In Indonesia there are various types of orchids are often immortalized as a photograph or a painting of orchid flowers are very beautiful. Call it as a series of types of orchids red, purple orchids, black orchid, orchid Papua, ground orchids, tiger orchids, and many more types of orchids others. The orchid is very suitable to live in the tropics, which is why this plant Begtu many have encountered its kind in Indonesia.

In general, people only know that the orchid plant that should be placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight. There may be a question, is it true orchid flowers can be planted in the house that his office is closed? Of course, orchids can still be grown in a closed room, that is the way to plant it in a pot kept in the house. So maybe the question arises again, not orchids should be exposed to the sun in order to keep growing? Yes, indeed one way and the terms plant this flower is to be placed in the sunlight. But wait, it turns orchids can still grow in the house walauypun no sunlight though, as long as there is a nearby plant that will be shining lights.
How to plant and care for plants in pots Orchid

How to Take Care of Orchid

Below, there are some tips on how to care for orchids in the house.

1. Place the orchid in a place exposed to natural sunlight

Do not let the orchids placed in a place not exposed to sunlight at all. Try to place the place exposed to the sun. But remember, do not let the orchid flower exposed to direct sunlight and should not be too hot, too. because if that happens can interfere with the growth of orchids itself.

2. Buy the room lights

Room lights function for orchids placed in the room remains exposed cahaya.Hal is quite important, because if the orchid is the lack of light will be unhealthy and can experience death.

3. Keep awake humidity

Because it is a species of tropical plants, this plant's natural environment is humid areas. Keep these plants continue to keep it moist, this needs to be done so that these plants can still grow well.

4. Planting Orchids in small pots

The orchid's roots are smooth and thus require a smaller pot in order to continue to grow and develop. Keep in mind, there are several types of orchids that need to be replaced every year pot. However, other types of orchids that can still grow and thrive even though there is in the pot for years.

5. Provide Fertilizer

Berikalan fertilizer which is reserved for orchids or tropical flowering plants. Why is this necessary? Because in order to provide optimal results. You can inquire about this when buying fertilizer or to an expert orchid plants that you know.

In the five points above, has been described on how and tips on caring for orchids. But before doing it all there are important things you need to know. Certainly before caring for orchids, first you have to know how to plant flowers of this orchid. Why does it need to know? Because there will usually be a certain satisfaction if we have orchids grown from the purchased or grown by others.

How to Grow Orchids Flowers

So how exactly how to grow orchids that? Before discussing further, you should know in advance that there are two styles in a way menamam this orchid flowers. Namely by style or styles taped grown in pots. Both ways it is not a strange thing because such interest is included in the category of ornamental plants. Below is a further explanation of each style how to grow orchids.

1. Planting in pots
  • Choose potting soil or plastic, because the pot is very suitable and good for growing orchids.
  • Next make poles for anchoring rods. This needs to be done orchid plants is spreading, but it is also a function of the manufacturing poles in order to maintain and can form flower plants Anggerek suit the wishes of the owner.
  • The most suitable planting medium for growing orchids is broken bricks or tiles, pieces of fiber heads, pieces of fern and wood charcoal.

2. Plant to be attached
Style plant with taped manner is somewhat easier than on the style of planting orchids in pots, because the way that is simple and does not require a lot of additional media. Media are required already directly flower painting itself as well as the board. In addition, this plant is indeed better ditanama manner orchids taped because it does not have a stem that is not too long. In addition, orchids are grown in a way affixed might be an alternative choice as a wall decoration of your house.

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