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Benefits and Benefits Flowers Kana (Canna indica) To Health

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canna flower
Often we find this red kana flowers are in the river or stream verges. Usually this plant is sometimes used as an ornamental plant in the yard of our house. Flowers called latin Canna indica is derived from the American continent. Plants are able to live in a low area to a height of 1000 m above sea level.
Flowers Kana (Canna indica) widely known by the name of kana lilies, flower beads, Indian arrows, canna forests, flower mjindra, Wono canna, canna pedestal, and canna Leuweung.
This kana flowers Having characteristics Kuntum funnel-shaped flowers, consisting of three to five pieces of petals are small to large depending on the species. Crown color varies, among other things bright yellow, dark yellow, pink, dark red, orange, yellow, mottled brown or a combination of these colors. This plant consists of a root (rhizome), pseudo stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The roots of plants kana called rhizomes (Stolon), trunk containing water (herbaceous) and is formed from the stem-leaf midrib overlap each other so called "false trunk". The leaves are arranged in short stalks and grow alternately, oval with a pointed tip. Surface of the upper leaves are green, dark copper or purplish, while the lower surface covered with a layer of white as talcum powder.
Kana flowers red pigment compound contains flavonoids, anthocyanins precisely. Anthocyanin is a type of flavonoid that is important to note because it has some positive response to the body. Anthocyanins and other flavonoids some much rumored lately beneficial health of the world as its function as anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihepatoksik, antibacterial, antiviral, antialergenik, antithrombotic, and as protection from damage caused by UV radiation and as an antioxidant.
Behind the beauty of flowers kana holds the many benefits in it that we should know.
Benefits and Kana Flowers for Health Benefits:
  1. Bulbs / her rhizomes in use for the manufacture of flour, because the sweet taste of its rhizomes and in use as conditioning.
  2. Relief of fever,
  3. Laxative urine,
  4. Sedative
  5. Lowering blood pressure.
  6. Menstrual or vaginal discharge
  7. Hepatitis drug
  8. Natural food coloring
  9. Natural preservative
  10. Antikarsinogen,
  11. Anti-inflammatory,
  12. Antihepatoksik,
  13. Antibacterial,
  14. Antiviral,
  15. Antialergenik,
  16. Antithrombotic,
  17. As protection from damage caused by UV radiation
  18. Antioxidants

Simple Daisy Flower

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 Simple Daisy Flower
Daisy flower is a flower of the family Asteraceae as well as a daisy or sunflower. Asteraceae is the second largest family of flowering plants in terms of the number of species or types. Fairly simple daisy flower shape, has a wide circle in the middle and surrounded by petal petal-like sunlight, maybe because this is starting to flower called sunflower flower types.

One characteristic of this flower is open petalnya in the morning at sunrise and close it again at sunset, but this daisy flower cuman not known in that regard, this flower is also known for its ability to cure certain diseases. Most of these flowers are white encountered, but there are also red, yellow, and purple. Daisy gerbera daisy most preferred is also called African daisy, daisy or Barberton daisy transvaal. Strikingly beautiful bright color and become the most valuable daisy higher than other types of daisies. Gerbera daisy flower is also the fifth most flowers are used as a "cut flower" after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip. Leaves and petals of this flower parts edible and can be used to make a tea to cure a sore throat or stomach pain.
Daisy given meaning as humility, stability, holy, sympathy and joy. According to legend, daisy originated from a nymph who turns into wild flowers that gracefully but not charming in order not to attract attention. Featuring the fun of childhood, this flower captures the surge of joy and luck spring, young soul forever.
Daisy associated with innocence, purity of mind, heart, soul and love conquers all. This flower symbolizes happiness and innocence. Daisy flowers has long given in bouquets for new moms / as a way to celebrate the birth of a child. Giving flowers to someone special Daisy is proof that your love is true due to the fact that the simple interest is also a sign of true love and affection.

Lavender flowers Beautiful and Charming

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Lavender flowers Beautiful and Charming
Lavender or lavender or also known as Lavandula is one of the flowering plants in the Lamiaceae family or tribe, that there are about 25-30 species. This plant comes from the Sea tegah to Tropical Africa and eastward to the Indies. This plant is a plant that is actually derived from chronic bushes grasses, plants also contained in Canaria, North and East Africa, southern Europe, Arabia and the Indian. With this plant pupulernya then now this plant is widely grown in the garden plants and plant now is not only in his home.

Fragrant lavender flowers and many colors of flowers are colored purple and there are also white. The Latin name of this flower Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae). This plant is similar to grass weeds, which originated in Europe. Lavender much in use as a material for the manufacture of perfumes, toiletries religious ceremonies, certain rituals and as a drug that has been used since ancient Roman times.

Lavender ancient Romans called lavare which means "to wash" or "refreshing" because these people assume the scent of flowers can refresh the brain and purify the soul. Aroma Lavender flowers from oil that can be used for the manufacture of perfumes, ointments, and other ingredients.

Lavender flowers have two kinds of flower color, to do with sticking to the stems and leaves of each segment. to form a beautiful and fragrant.

A. Laverder a whiteLavender flowers with white color can grow well in cold regions, but also can grow in moderate and hot weather.

On the treatment of a white Lavender flowers need watering only in water with taste. Lighting an alias on the interest, the more light it will be the alias of the many flowers.

B. Lavender Purple colored flowersIn plant species that are colored purple lavender virtually identical to the white color, just different from the interest alone.Here is a character Lavender colored flower Purple

Strong against direct sunlight
More like with a lot of watering
Fertilization as a source of nutrients necessary, though not often.

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Type Ornamental Plants Flowers Anthurium Most Popular

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Ornamental Plants Flowers Anthurium has more than 1000 kinds of genera. While Anthurium itself belongs to the family Araceae. Type Anthurium we will discuss this is anthurium plants are already popular.

Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants)
Super Division: Spermatophyta (Produce seeds)
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Class: Liliopsida (dashed one / monocots)
Sub Class: Arecidae
Order: Arales
Family: Araceae (taro tribe yarns)
Genus: Anthurium
Species: Anthurium jenmanii.

Ornamental Plants Flowers Anthurium

This Anthurium leaves resemble the shape of leaf tobacco. Its texture is hard and thick, short-stemmed, wide and long, veins obvious and somewhat wavy leaf margins. Young leaves a little bit of red, whereas when it is dark green. The nickname of the King Anthurium Anthurium leaves worthy carried by jenmanii. Why? In addition thanks to its elegant appearance, sturdy, and authoritative, Anthurium jenmanii also occupy the highest throne in the world of business ornamental plants anthurium leaves thanks to the price remains high in the middle of a list of names of other anthurium.

Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants)
Super Division: Spermatophyta (Produce seeds)
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Class: Liliopsida (dashed one / monocots)
Sub Class: Arecidae
Order: Arales
Family: Araceae (taro tribe yarns)
Genus: Anthurium
Species: Anthurium plowmanii.
Ornamental Plants Flowers Anthurium
This type is known as a bird's nest because of the arrangement of anthurium leaves grow like a bird's nest. Getting to the top, wide leaves, and tends to fall down. Daunny stalk short, stiff, thick, and dark. The leaves are smooth hairless, shiny light green and thick. Leaf thickness varies, ranging from thin to thick. Periphery somewhat wavy leaves with leaf veins stood out. The width of the leaf reaches 35 cm in length up to 60 cm. There are stemmed Anthurium green and red-stemmed.

Caring for Orchids in Pot Plants

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Caring for Orchids in Pot Plants
Orchid is a plant that has the highest kind. Types of beautiful orchid flower this one is a moon orchid flower orchid plant is much preferred by most people, especially women. It is not possible if more people are figuring out how to grow the orchid flowers. This is because the flowers or orchid plant is one of the plants that fit on display both inside and outside the home and fit with a temperate climate.

There are various types of orchids that even immortalized as photos and drawings and paintings of the most beautiful orchids. The series of types of orchids diataranya black orchid, orchid purple, red orchid flower, tiger orchid, orchids, orchid Papua and still many other orchid varieties, because this orchid plant is a plant that is very suitable for living in the tropics.

Justify orchids can be grown in the house? Of course, the cultivation of orchids can be done in an enclosed space, ie the plant in the pot, then the pot is placed in the home. Is not orchid plant is a plant that must be exposed to the sun? Yes, one of the requirements and how to care for orchids flower plants are put in place that is exposed to sunlight. However, please note that there are tips on caring for orchids flower. Within these tips, there is one point which indirectly could make orchids placed in the home as long as there is light at the plants nearby.

Here are tips on caring for orchids in the home.

Put orchids in a place exposed to sunlight naturally but should not be too hot
The point where the ideal is to place it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Buying room lights.
It is intended as a planter put orchids indoors and prevent orchids in the home is not the lack of light.

Keeping orchids remain moist
As tropical plants, orchids need to be kept moist.

Orchid plant in a smaller pot
This is because the roots of orchids are delicate and require a pot with a smaller size so that more flexibility in developing.

Giving fertilizer
As plants, orchids also require fertilize

So how exactly the orchid plant? There are two styles in this orchid plant to plant. Both of these styles are planted in pots and or taped. Both of these styles is not a strange thing because orchids are ornamental plants. Here is how to grow each style.

Planting in pots
Selection pot
Selected Pot is good potting soil or plastic pots.

Poles for anchoring the plant stem
As the creeper plants, poles required to support it. In addition, the function of making the pole is also to maintain and establish orchids in accordance with the wishes of the grower.

Growing media
Suitable planting medium for growing orchids namely; wood charcoal, pieces of fern, coal or tile fragments, and pieces of coconut husk.

Planting with taped
Planting style is easier than planting in pots. No need for the media to grow with style affixed. Medium is directly trees and or board painting. In addition, it is better if the orchids were selected in an outboard style orchids that have not too long stems.

Is not it convenient how to grow orchids? Of course, both with style taped and grown in pots, in fact it is not difficult to grow orchids. Everyone, especially women can try it. If you've had success with how to plant it, do tips on caring for orchids that they grow and develop properly.    

Benefits of Flowers Kenanga Overcome Various Diseases

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Benefits of Flowers Kenanga Overcome Various Diseases
Boxwood (Canangium odoratum) is a plant with flowers that smell very typical. Ylang flowers are often used as sowing flowers and trees as shade in the backyard or on the roadside.

As pagoda flower and jasmine, ylang flowers are also often used as a traditional medicine. Old people used to use ylang flowers to treat cough due to bronchitis, shortness of breath medicine, as well as malaria. In addition, ylang flowers can also be used as material for making herbal medicine for mothers who have just given birth.

Benefits ylang flowers for treatment you can see through the traditional ingredients below:

Jamu PostnatalSavor Flowers KenangaSetelah birth, a mother needs to regain body condition. Days of yore when doctors and midwives still rare, the guguni or paraji, often made of herbs to restore the conditions that gave birth mother.The following formula was: young ylang flower, wood Rapet, pegatsih, pepet key, turmeric, jongrahab, jalawe, and jakeling. All material is finely ground (crushed), then brewed with hot water. Then the water is filtered and drunk.Treating BronchitisTo treat bronchitis, provide two flower ylang, then boiled with a glass of hot water to boil until the remaining half cup. Once cool, water is taken regularly every morning and afternoon.Drug Shortness of BreathYlang flower is also efficacious to treat shortness of breath due to asthma or allergies. The trick, ylang flower handheld ½ and 1 ½ teaspoon white sugar boiled in one cup of hot water to the remaining half cup. Strain the water and drink it regularly every morning and afternoon.Treating MalariaTo treat malaria, take 3 ylang flowers dried. Then brewed with 1 cup hot water, then sealed. After a cold, filtered water and drink regularly.Ylang flower that has many health benefits and efficacy for this, now it is very rare. So, for those of you who have ylang flower trees around the house, do not cut down. Maintain just as many benefits.