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Lavender flowers Beautiful and Charming

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Lavender flowers Beautiful and Charming
Lavender or lavender or also known as Lavandula is one of the flowering plants in the Lamiaceae family or tribe, that there are about 25-30 species. This plant comes from the Sea tegah to Tropical Africa and eastward to the Indies. This plant is a plant that is actually derived from chronic bushes grasses, plants also contained in Canaria, North and East Africa, southern Europe, Arabia and the Indian. With this plant pupulernya then now this plant is widely grown in the garden plants and plant now is not only in his home.

Fragrant lavender flowers and many colors of flowers are colored purple and there are also white. The Latin name of this flower Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae). This plant is similar to grass weeds, which originated in Europe. Lavender much in use as a material for the manufacture of perfumes, toiletries religious ceremonies, certain rituals and as a drug that has been used since ancient Roman times.

Lavender ancient Romans called lavare which means "to wash" or "refreshing" because these people assume the scent of flowers can refresh the brain and purify the soul. Aroma Lavender flowers from oil that can be used for the manufacture of perfumes, ointments, and other ingredients.

Lavender flowers have two kinds of flower color, to do with sticking to the stems and leaves of each segment. to form a beautiful and fragrant.

A. Laverder a whiteLavender flowers with white color can grow well in cold regions, but also can grow in moderate and hot weather.

On the treatment of a white Lavender flowers need watering only in water with taste. Lighting an alias on the interest, the more light it will be the alias of the many flowers.

B. Lavender Purple colored flowersIn plant species that are colored purple lavender virtually identical to the white color, just different from the interest alone.Here is a character Lavender colored flower Purple

Strong against direct sunlight
More like with a lot of watering
Fertilization as a source of nutrients necessary, though not often.

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